The Most Reverend Luke Amadeo Iezzi TOR
(né William Francis Iezzi)
Deceased, 4th January 2018

011908 April 28th ✠Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
021912 June 29th ✠Rudolphe de Landes Berges, Bishop, Scotland
031916 October 4th ✠Carmel Henry Carfora, Archbishop, Chicago
041935 August 25th ✠Albert Dunstan Bell, Bishop, California
051940 January 7th ✠Edgar Ramon Verostek, Archbishop, California
061994 October 4th ✠Luke Amadeo Iezzi, Bishop of the West Indies
Principal Consecrator of…
2004 June ✠George De Saint-Hirst, Titular Archbishop of St John of Acre


We deplore the death of Bishop Luke Amadeo on 4 January 2018 in Guadeloupe. This prelate was the President of the Grand Episcopal College of France and Africa. Born November 28, 1949 in Pennsylvania, United States of America, of American nationality, he was religiously educated within the Franciscan Order and in 1977 was part of the “Good Samaritan Franciscans of New Jersey” congregation. “
Ordained a priest in the North American Old Roman Catholic Church and consecrated to the episcopate by Bishop Joseph-Lawrence Vellone in 1994, Bishop Amadeo was appointed Bishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church of the French and West Indies and appointed Guadeloupe. This consecration was decided in 1991 by the Supreme Council of the Philippine Church, where Bishop Amadeo began his apostolate with the poor, with Msgr. Macario GA y Vilches, a former member of the World Council of Churches in Geneva.
Luke Amadeo installed his parish at first in the Boissart ghetto in Guadeloupe and worked for the benefit of delinquents and drug addicts as well as prison chaplain. He then settled in Petit-Canal (Guadeloupe) creating the parish of St. Rita where for some years he was fighting against a lung disease that won. He dedicated his life to serving the poor and lived to the end in the greatest simplicity.
Luke Amadeo was Grand Officer of the Order of the Holy Cross of Constantine the Great. This distinction was awarded to him for having been at the origin of the installation in France of the Sovereign Apostolic Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John, by letter patent ordering the nomination of Mgr. George de Saint Hirst, Bishop of Atkinson-Castle Bruce, to the office of Superior General, Magister of the Order, April 18, 2002.

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