HALL ✠Bobby C. (retired)

The Most Reverend Bobby C. Hall, DD
Emeritus Bishop, Diocese of Saint Michael & All Angels
Pastor, Church of Saint George
NAORCC, Archdiocese of California

Apostolic Succession

11541 March 16th ✠Scipione, Cardinal Rebiba. Auxiliary Bishop, Chieti
21566 March 12th ✠Giulio Antonio, Cardinal Santorio, Archbishop, Santa Severina
31586 September 7th ✠Girolamo, Cardinal Berneri OP, Bishop, Albano
41604 April 4th ✠Galeazzo Santivale, Archbishop, Bari
51621 May 2nd ✠Ludovico, Cardinal Ludovisi, Camerlengo
61622 June 12th ✠Luigi Cardinal Caetani, Tit. Patriarch of Antioch
71630 October 6th ✠Giovanni Battista Scannaroli, Bishop, Tyre and Sidon
81665 October 24th ✠Antonio, Cardinal Barberini, Archbishop, Reims
91668 November 12th ✠Charles Maurice Le Tellier, Archbishop, Reims
101670 September 21st ✠Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, Bishop, Meaux
111693 October 24th ✠Jacques Goyon de Matignon, Bishop, Condom
121719 February 12th ✠Dominique Marie Varlet, Bishop, Ascalon
131739 October 17th ✠Petrus Johannes Meindaarts, Archbishop, Utrecht
141745 July 11th ✠Johannes van Stiphout, Bishop, Haarlem
151763 February 7th ✠Gualtherus van Niewenhuisen, Archbishop, Utrecht
161778 June 21st ✠Johannes Adrian Broekman, Bishop, Haarlem
171797 July 5th ✠Johannes Jacobus van Rhijn, Archbishop, Utrecht
181805 November 7th ✠Gilbertus Cornelius de Jong, Bishop, Deventer
191814 April 24th ✠Willibrordus van Os, Archbishop, Utrecht
201819 April 12th ✠Johannes Bon, Bishop, Haarlem
211825 June 14th ✠Johannes van Santen, Archbishop, Utrecht
221853 July 17th ✠Hermanus Heijkamp, Bishop, Deventer
231873 August 11th ✠Gaspard Johannes Rinkel, Bishop, Haarlem
241892 May 11th ✠Gerardus Gul, Archbishop, Utrecht
251908 April 28th ✠Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
25011908 April 28th ✠Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
26021912 June 29th ✠Rudolphe de Landes Berges, Bishop, Scotland
27031916 October 4th ✠Carmel Henry Carfora, Archbishop, Chicago
28041935 August 25th ✠Albert Dunstan Bell, Bishop, California
29051940 January 7th ✠Edgar Ramon Verostek, Archbishop, California
30061985 August 10th ✠Joseph Andrew Vellone,Co-adjutor Bishop
31071989 ✠Chris M. Hernandez, Co-adjutor Bishop
32082014 ✠Bobby C Hall, Auxiliary Bishop
Principal Consecrator of…
2018 June 29th ✠Larry Wright, Auxiliary Bishop
Co-consecrator of…
2019 February 19th ✠Romeo R. Rabusa, Bishop, Santo Nino
2019 February 19th ✠Julio A. Higuera, Bishop, Auxiliary
2019 February 19th ✠Juan M. Bustillo, Bishop, Christo Rey

Salinas, CA. – Archbishop Joseph A. Vellone, DD announced today the appointed and consecration the Rev. Bobby C. Hall, DD as Regionary Auxiliary Bishop of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church – Archdiocese of California.
The Old Roman Catholic Church is a continuation of the original Roman Catholic faith; being a direct descendant of the canonically autonomous Archdiocese of Utrecht. As such it has continued to maintain an unbroken apostolic succession of priests from that historic Catholic Archdiocese.
Archbishop Vellone assisted by Archbishop Coadjutor Chris M. Hernandez, DD elevated Fr. Hall to the Episcopal office of Bishop in the Christ the King Chapel at Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine in Belleville, IL.
Bishop Hall was currently serving as a priest in the Archdiocese of California and as the pastor of St. Georges Old Roman Catholic Church, in Centerton Arkansas. Bishop Hall attended public schools in Kerens and Corsicana, Texas. He graduated High school in 1951 from Schreiner Institute located at Kerrville, Texas. Immediately following graduation was to serve as an Artillery Noncommissioned officer during the Korean Conflict. Upon discharge in 1955 entered college.
Bishop Hall studied at Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 1960. On Graduation he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. Army and served during the Vet Nam conflict in the 82nd Airborne Division. In 1965 he entered Texas Chiropractic College receiving the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1970. During several years of practice in San Angelo, Texas he served as incorporator and Chief of Staff of Angelo Chiropractic Associates, a multi-discipline healing arts clinic consisting of Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Parodists and Physical Therapists. During this time he was also to serve on several state boards for the Chiropractic profession and by gubernatorial appointment on a Federal medical advisory commission. Ceased practice in 1983 due to an accident on his cattle ranch.
Later Bishop Hall began studies in Sacred Theology at Saint Aelred’s School of Theology receiving a Masters of Theology in 2001 The he was ordained as a Deacon in July 2005. In 2007 was ordained a priest by the Most Rev. Louis W. Falk at St. Aidan’s in Des Moines, IA.Bishop Hall went on to earn a Master of Ministry degree in 2013 from the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Seminary, Wesley, Oxford, and was later awarded a Doctor of Divinity ( honoris causa) from the same institution in 2015. He is currently studying as a candidate for the Doctor of Theology Degree.
Bishop Hall’s parents were Barney and Lovie Hall of Corsicana, Texas, both deceased.
Bishop Hall currently resides in Bella Vista, AR and is married to Patricia Ellen Williamson formally of Greenville, OH. They have six children, two of whom are deceased, proudly having 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.