Missionary Society of Santo Niño

The Missionary Society of Santo Niño (MSSN) is an Old Roman Catholic congregation of both celibate and married priests, seminarians and their families and church communities who dedicate their lives to missionary activities and pastoral ministries. Our clergy received their seminary education and formation from Roman Catholic seminaries, ordained by Roman Catholic Bishops, and served as priests, seminary formators, chaplains, etc. in Roman Catholic parishes and institutions in the Philippines.


​A welcoming missionary society, living in love and harmony with the people of God, witnessing and sharing freely our Christian baptismal vows as married clergy and celibate with their families, committed and always available to the needs of the poor and the unchurched.


To share the saving ministries of Jesus Christ to all people by:

  • ​proclaiming the presence of God in Word and sacraments;
  • witnessing Christ’s mercy in all forms of ministry, being present and available to the needs of God’s people;
  • nurturing and supporting both celibate and married clergy and seminarians in their desire to serve in ministries and church communities;
  • being a prophetic voice that affirms the Christian values and positively transforms challenging situations in the name of Christ;
  • discovering, celebrating and integrating God-given gifts of each individual, community and culture;
  • pursuing communion with the Roman Catholic Church, recognizing the leadership of the Roman Pontiff, and fostering inter-communion with faith communities.


MSSN believes that we are called and ordained by Christ to serve the People of God. As Christ’s disciples, MSSN makes Christ the Alpha and the Omega of our being and ministry.
Mission-Driven. MSSN is called to missionary evangelization based on the Great Commission in Matthew 28, 16-20. MSSN embraces this missionary vocation to make and multiply disciples for the glory of God.

​Eucharistic Living.
Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted the Eucharist as a celebration to prosper God’s family on earth. MSSN believes that the Eucharist, both the banquet at which we are fed and the Sacrifice by which we are saved, is the essence (core) of our being and living.
Christ’s suffering on the cross is the ultimate giving of His life for the entire creation. MSSN pledges to be good stewards of the gifts that God has given us, individually and communally, and joyfully give our time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of others and glory of God.MSSN is a small part of the entire People of God. MSSN believes in communion and inter-communion as Christ prayed the “all may be one” in John 17:21. As Body of Christ, MSSN fosters a loving, giving, and welcoming spirit.

Lifelong Faith Formation.
As human beings, we are in constant formation to become like Christ. MSSN affirms the need for ongoing faith development and lifelong process of renewal through family, liturgy, community, education, and outreach.


Let’s build something together.