Thank you for agreeing to be a Referee! Please complete all relevant sections of this form to complete your reference. None of the information supplied by Referees will be shared with the Candidate.

Please only complete the relevant sections for your reference type:

SPIRITUAL REFEREE You should be a person who has known the candidate for a considerable amount of time and who understands and is sympathetic to their vocation and application. We require you to testify to the Candidate’s faith and intentions.
Please complete sections 1, 2 & 4a and 5

PERSONAL REFEREE You should be someone who has known the Candidate for a minimum of five (5) years e.g. a close friend/colleague who can testify to the personal integrity and character of the Candidate.
Please complete sections 1, 2 & 4b and 5

PROFESSIONAL REFEREE You should be e.g. a former employer or manager, or a professional person i.e. lawyer, doctor, civil servant, academic, respected business person or someone of good standing within the community. We require them to testify to the general citizenship and reputation of the Candidate.
Please complete sections 1, 2 & 3a/b and 5

1. About you, the Referee

2. About the Candidate

What is your relationship to the Candidate?

General Conduct

Communication Skills


Relationship with colleagues

Relationship with others

Which of the following best describes the Candidate:

Please continue to complete all relevant sections of this form for your Reference.

3.a Professional Reference

3.b. Former Employer

If a FORMER employer, please give the period of employment below:

Would you re-employ them?

4.a Personal Reference (Spiritual)

Please indicate which of the following most closely describes the nature of your relationship to the Candidate in their spiritual life:

Which of the following in your opinion describes most closely the Candidate’s spirituality?

4.b. Personal Referee (Acquaintance)

How would you describe your relationship to the Candidate?


I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have given in this reference is correct and complete:

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