Clerics A – L

The Directory records the last known status of clerics in relation to the last orthodox and canonical jurisdiction they were associated with; the Directory does not record the current status of those who have been excardinated or excommunicated. Incardination denotes that a cleric is in canonical good standing with a bishop; Excardination denotes a cleric left that jurisdiction with permission; Excommunication implies a canonical censure has been placed on a cleric; Vitandus means a cleric should be avoided; Vagans means a cleric operating without episcopal approbation.

Incard = Incardinated
Excard = Excardinated
Excom(/V) = Excommunicated(/Vitandus)
Religious = Professed religious
RIP = Deceased
Vagans = Vagrant

Religious = Professed religious
OSB = Order of St Benedict (Benedictine)
OSF = Order of St Francis (Franciscan)
OP = Order of Preachers (Dominican)
OSJV = Oratory of St John Vianney
CDC = Congregation of the Divine Charity

ABEL George VonPriestRevd FrBritanniaOORCC+LloydIncard
ALANIZ James OSFPriestRevd FrCDCOORCC+Lloyd Religious
ANTONUCCI Antonio OSBPriestRevd FrCaliforniaNAORCC+VelloneReligious
BARTHOLOMEW RaymondPriestRevd FrCentral USAORCCNA+FacioneIncard
BEAUPRE VictorPriestMsgrNew EnglandNAORCC+Lloyd Incard
BELLOMI Patrick EPriestRevd FrCaliforniaNAORCC+VelloneIncard
BERNALES Juvanni APriestRevd FrPhilippinesOORCC+BanagIncard
BRITT Sean MelvinPriestRevd FrSouth East USANAORCC+Plant Incard
CAMPECHANO AugustinDeaconRevdMexicoOORCC+PersynIncard
CASTILLA Felix BenArchpriestMsgrCubaOORCC+PersynIncard
CETOUTE Pierre APriestRevd FrNew YorkNAORCC+GannonIncard
CHARLES PhillippePriestRevd FrNew YorkNAORCC+GannonIncard
CHARLESWORTH MartinArchpriestMsgrBritanniaOORCC+Lloyd Excom
COPP RaymondPriestRevd FrMilitary Vicariate+FucciIncard
CRAIG James (Jim)PriestRevd FrNANANAVagans
DILSEN GuvenDeaconRevdAnatoliaOORCC+Lloyd Excard
DOUGHTY John PDeaconRevdSouth East USANAORCC+Plant Incard
DUNNING MarkPriestRevd FrBritanniaOORCC+Lloyd Excard
DUPLANTIS RichardPriestRevd FrFloridaORCCLR+MarochiIncard
EBANA MartinPriestRevd FrCameroonORCCLR+NgodoboIncard
EDGERickRevd FrFloridaORCCLR+MarochiIncard
EGOUME Sother AgoumePriestRevd FrCameroonORCCLR+NgodoboIncard
EWANE DonaldPriestRevd FrCameroonORCCLR+NgodoboIncard
FAUNDEZ Cris OrtegaPriestRevd FrChileOORCC+Andres Incard
FAWCETT RogerPriestCanonNew YorkORCCNA+FacioneRIP
FERNANDEZ Antonio MarinDeaconRevdMexicoOORCC+PersynIncard
FERRATY StephenDeaconRevdWest IndiesORCCTBCIncard
FIGARD GeraldClericMrWestern ORCCNA+KingIncard
FIGARD LeonPriestRevd FrWesternORCCNA+KingIncard
FINNEY JohnPriestRevd FrSouth East USANAROCC+Plant Incard
FLORES Jorge Omar SilvaPriestMsgrChileOORCC+AndresExcom
FORD PaulPriestRevd FrBritanniaOORCC+LloydExcard
GIBSON Douglas DPriestRevd FrCaliforniaNAORCC+HallIncard
GIERKE Thomas OSFPriestRevd FrCDCOORCC+Lloyd Religious
GIUNTA Anthony PPriestRevd FrEuropa AustralisOORCC+Lloyd Incard
GLOETZL ArminPriestRevd FrEuropa BorealisOORCC+Lloyd Incard
GUTIERREZ Manuel AbregoPriestRevd FrMexicoOORCC+PersynIncard
GUSTAVO Gomez ADeaconRevdEuropa BorealisOORCC+Lloyd Incard
HENRI MuataSubdeaconRevdCameroonORCCLR+NgodoboIncard
JAIME Joash D. PriestRevd FrPhilippinesOORCC+BanangIncard
KALBFLEISH RichardPriestRevd FrSoutheast USANAORCC+Plant Excom
LAMBERT JohnPriestRevd FrN AmericaOORCC+PersynExcom
LECTA Felix VPriestRevd FrPhilippinesOORCC+BanagIncard