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The Most Reverend Edward James Ford, T.O.R., S.T.D.
Titular Archbishop of Amida
Regionary bishop of Nova Terra
Primate, North American Old Roman Catholic Church

Rector, St Francis Seminary
Pastor, Blessed Sacrament Church, Sanford, Maine
Director of the Prince of Peace Christian School

Blazon of Arms
Arms impaled. In the sinister: quarterly Argent and Or a cross throughout Azure cantoned of four Greek crosses potent Gules (NAORCC); overall on an escutcheon in pretense Azure fimbriated Argent a barrulet wavy Argent between in chief a Greek cross fleury and in base a mullet of six points both Or.(Diocese of New England)
In the dexter Argent a Latin cross throughout Azure charged on the upper arm and the two arms to dexter and sinister with an escallop shell and on the lower arm with a mullet of six points all Or; overall on an inescutcheon per fess Azure and Or in chief the Franciscan conformities Proper and in base three nails disposed in a pile inverted surmounted by a crown of thorns all Sable; on a chief Gules a sword point downward Argent with the pommel and hilt Or and a royal sceptre Argent topped by a jewel Or in saltire enfiled by an ancient crown Or between two crescents to dexter and sinister Argent. (Abp. Ford)
The shield is ensigned with a bishop’s mitre Or and Argent and a crozier and a patriarchal cross placed behind the shield palewise both Or. Above this is a galero with cords 30 tassels disposed on either side of the shield in five rows of one, two, three, four and five all Vert.
On a scroll below the shield is the motto: Lucrum Christi Mihi.


11541 March 16th ✠Scipione, Cardinal Rebiba. Auxiliary Bishop, Chieti
21566 March 12th ✠Giulio Antonio, Cardinal Santorio, Archbishop, Santa Severina
31586 September 7th ✠Girolamo, Cardinal Berneri OP, Bishop, Albano
41604 April 4th ✠Galeazzo Santivale, Archbishop, Bari
51621 May 2nd ✠Ludovico, Cardinal Ludovisi, Camerlengo
61622 June 12th ✠Luigi Cardinal Caetani, Tit. Patriarch of Antioch
71630 October 6th ✠Giovanni Battista Scannaroli, Bishop, Tyre and Sidon
81665 October 24th ✠Antonio, Cardinal Barberini, Archbishop, Reims
91668 November 12th ✠Charles Maurice Le Tellier, Archbishop, Reims
101670 September 21st ✠Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, Bishop, Meaux
111693 October 24th ✠Jacques Goyon de Matignon, Bishop, Condom
121719 February 12th ✠Dominique Marie Varlet, Bishop, Ascalon
131739 October 17th ✠Petrus Johannes Meindaarts, Archbishop, Utrecht
141745 July 11th ✠Johannes van Stiphout, Bishop, Haarlem
151763 February 7th ✠Gualtherus van Niewenhuisen, Archbishop, Utrecht
161778 June 21st ✠Johannes Adrian Broekman, Bishop, Haarlem
171797 July 5th ✠Johannes Jacobus van Rhijn, Archbishop, Utrecht
181805 November 7th ✠Gilbertus Cornelius de Jong, Bishop, Deventer
191814 April 24th ✠Willibrordus van Os, Archbishop, Utrecht
201819 April 12th ✠Johannes Bon, Bishop, Haarlem
211825 June 14th ✠Johannes van Santen, Archbishop, Utrecht
221853 July 17th ✠Hermanus Heijkamp, Bishop, Deventer
231873 August 11th ✠Gaspard Johannes Rinkel, Bishop, Haarlem
241892 May 11th ✠Gerardus Gul, Archbishop, Utrecht
251908 April 28th ✠Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
11908 April 28th ✠Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
21912 June 29th ✠Rudolphe de Landes Berges, Bishop, Scotland
31916 October 4th ✠Carmel Henry Carfora, Archbishop, Chicago
4 1942 July 30th ✠Hubert Augustus Rogers, Archbishop, New York
51967 January 21st ✠James Edward Burns, Staten Island
61978 May 30th ✠Edward James Ford, Nova Terra
Prime Consecrator of…
1984 September 8th ✠Edmund Floyd Leeman, T.O.R. Bishop, New Jersey (RIP)
1985 May 11th ✠Beldon Edward Gannon as the Missionary Bishop for New York State (RIP)
1986 June 14 ✠Herve Lionel Quessy as the Bishop of the Diocese of French Canada (later the 5th Primate of the NAORCC; RIP).
1992 October 3rd ✠Wayne Robert Matthew Price as Vicar Apostolic of Niagara Falls (inactive).
2011 October 15th ✠Irvin Nicholas Plant (RIP)
2021 August 14th ✠Waldemar Kamil Maj
2021 September 29th ✠Miguel Ángel Sánchez Carlos

Archbishop Ford, a solemnly professed Franciscan Friar of the Third Order Regular, was born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. He was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in Boston and served as Pastor of several parishes and established a number of missions throughout the New England and Hampton Roads areas. Through the many years of his ministry, he has worked in the fields of education, child guidance, community service, insurance and accounting. During those years he was also blessed to have been able to serve as an unofficial foster-father to several boys whose mothers asked him to assist them and to guide them as they grew up into young men with families of their own. He remains a constant and regular figure in their and in their children’s lives. He now counts eight young men as his foster-sons, and through them he has twenty-five foster-grandchildren and eighteen foster great-grandchildren. He was first elected as an Auxiliary Bishop in 1978 and later was elevated to the Office of Ordinary of New England, and subsequently was elected as the Metropolitan-Primate of the Church. He has re-organized and re-vitalized St Francis Seminary, co-ordinated the revision and publication of the Church’s current Constitution and Codex of Canon Law, as well as missalettes and service booklets for the official liturgical services and rituals of our Church. He has authored numerous articles, booklets, pamphlets and devotional materials currently in use throughout the Church and also was the principal compiler of the Church’s catechism: Our Catholic Faith and Practice. He currently lives in Springvale, Maine; is Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Old Roman Catholic Church in Sanford, Maine; and is also the Director of the Prince of Peace Christian School, a private Christian School serving students in grades K through 12, which is also located in Sanford, Maine. In addition to serving as the Director, Archbishop Ford also teaches English, French, Latin, Spanish, Christian Studies, Philosophy, Ethics and Apologetics to the High Schoolers there.

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