CARFORA Henry Carmel RIP

The Most Reverend Carmel Henry Carfora succeeded Archbishop Berghes, serving as the Second Primate of The North American Old Roman Catholic Church from October 12, 1919 until his death on January 11, 1958, having held the Office of Primate for 38 years and 3 months. Archbishop Carfora presided over the Church during its greatest missionary expansion and activity, guiding the Church’s apostolic labours and growth in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, South America and even into parts of Africa and Asia. Archbishop Carfora fell asleep in the Lord on January 11, 1958 in Chicago at the age of 78, after a long and valiant battle against multiple illnesses.

Apostolic Succession

11908 April 28th + Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
21912 June 29th + Rudolphe de Landes Berges, Bishop, Scotland
31916 October 4th + Carmel Henry Carfora, Archbishop, Chicago
Principal Consecrator of:
1921 May 30th + Roman W. Slocinski
1921 June 12th + Samuel Durlin Benedict
1924 February 11th + Edwin Wallace Hunter
1926 October 17th + Antonio Benigno Lopez y Sierra
1932 June 26th + Vincente Jose Linan
1940 December 8th + Francis Xavier Resch
1941 April 16th + Richard Arthur Marchenna
1942 July 30th + Hubert A. Rogers
1943 August 24th + Frederick Littler Pyman
1945 May 27th + Franciszek J. Mazur
1945 June 17th + Earl Anglin James
1946 November 3rd + Photios Francis Michael Donahue