The Most Reverend Hubert Augustus Rogers, DD
Emeritus Primate NAORCC


The Third Primate of The North American Old Roman Catholic Church was Archbishop Hubert Augustus Rogers, a native of St Eustathius in the Dutch West Indies. General Synod confirmed his election to the Primacy of the Church in May 1958 following the death of Archbishop Carfora. Archbishop Rogers led the Church through the turbulent decades of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Society was being rocked by the Civil Rights Movement at this time, and Archbishop Rogers courageously led The North American Old Roman Catholic Church despite the many racial attacks which were made upon his character and person. The Church proudly elected a black man to the Office of Primate during these difficult times, and supported him throughout. While a number of parishes entered the Russian Orthodox Church during these years, Archbishop Rogers led the remaining parishes with great wisdom, preserving the integrity, faith, mission and apostolate of The North American Old Roman Catholic Church. Archbishop Hubert Rogers resigned from the Primacy of the Church on April 30, 1972 and returned to his childhood home in the Dutch West Indies, where he was well received by all of the denominations represented in the islands, and where he finally returned into the arms of his Lord when he died on August 25, 1976.

Apostolic Succession

11908 April 28th + Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
21912 June 29th + Rudolphe de Landes Berges, Bishop, Scotland
31916 October 4th + Carmel Henry Carfora, Archbishop, Chicago
41942 July 30th + Hubert Augustus Rogers, Archbishop, New York
Prime consecrator of
1948 January 25th +James Hubert Rogers
1948 October 10th +Julian Lester Smith
1952 June 21st +Cyrus Augustine Starkey
1952 June 29th +Paul Joseph Kleinschrodt
1957 January 13th +George John Koerner
1959 November 28th +Joseph Kelly
1961 January 8th +Donald M. Foster
1964 November 15th +C. A. Johnson
1967 January 21st + James Edward Burns, Bishop, Staten Island
1969 September 21st
+ Edward Carlton Payne, Archbishop, New England
+William Joseph Mahurter & +Daniel Quilter Brown