With confidence in the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ we announce the earthly departure of Archbishop Francis P. Facione.

Francis Peter Facione (February 8, 1940 – June 14, 2019) was the Presiding Bishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America. He was born February 8, 1940, to Frank Facione and Catherine (D’Agostino) Facione.

Facione studied pharmacy at Wayne State University and earned a BS in Pharmacy in 1962, an MSc in Pharmacy Administration in 1974, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Administration in 1982.

Realizing his vocation, he entered the Old Roman Catholic Church and was ordained priest on July 14, 1974, by Bishop Andrew Gordon Johnston-Cantrell of the Old Roman Catholic Church English Rite (under Archbishop Robert Alfred Burns). He was later consecrated a bishop on November 30, 1974, as the Titular Archbishop of Devon. He was elected on January 5, 1974, as presiding bishop and renamed the church the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America-Ultrajectine Tradition. In 1991 the church moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and was headquartered at St. Mark’s Old Roman Catholic Church.

Facione died on June 14, 2019.


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