KELLY Nioclas of Movilla

His Excellency the Most Reverend Nioclas Kelly OSF
Titular Bishop of Movilla
Bishop Ordinary of Chicago
Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion

Coat of Arms

Apostolic Succession

011908 April 28th + Arnold Harris Mathew, Archbishop, London
021912 June 29th + Rudolphe de Landes Berges, Bishop, Scotland
031916 October 4th + Carmel Henry Carfora, Archbishop, Chicago
041942 July 30th + Hubert Augustus Rogers, Archbishop, New York
051969 September 21st + Edward Carlton Payne, Archbishop, New England
061974 July 20th + Boniface Grosvold, Bishop, Niagra Falls
072012 May 5th + Jerome Lloyd OSJV, Archbishop, Selsey
Co-consecrators: +David Persyn, +Charles Walders
082018 October 14th +Nioclas Kelly OSF, Bishop, Movilla (Chicago)